Jamie Fine, a Delta Air Lines flight attendant, while recovering from hand surgery, decided to take a cake decorating class which inspired “visions of Sugarplums dancing in her head.” Her initial vision was the design of her wedding cake. She wanted a unique cake for her reception at a Polynesian restaurant to complement its exotic tropical scene. She created the “Exploding Volcano Cake” as a “WOW!” centerpiece.

My successes. 

Soon friends and family were requesting more “WOWS!” than she could bake in her own kitchen. Jamie expanded the bakery by borrowing the kitchen facilities of a friend’s restaurant (after the restaurant had closed for the night). Jamie started to bake and decorate replicas of ladies handbags, footballs, bottles of wine, and sugar paste flowers, displaying no limit to her creativity.

The business soon outgrew the borrowed kitchen facilities. Jamie arranged for several face-to-face mentoring meetings with SCORE mentor, Pat Travisano and attended his Mini-Business Planning Seminar at the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce.

“SCORE mentoring gave me the confidence to open my own bakery.”

Jamie and Pat prepared a simplified business plan which provided Jamie with a better understanding of the financial aspects of her business. In December 2005, she discovered a lovely tearoom that was available to lease and opened her “Sugarplum Visions Bakery and Dessert Café.” It's located on Church Street, a short distance from the downtown Square in Marietta, Georgia.

Jamie’s Website www.sugarplum-visions.com and her unique bakery are a delight to explore. Jamie and Pat are discussing options for growing the business to the next level. She is considering arranging for a full-time baker to permit her to spend more time on the marketing of her business.

Sugarplum Visions