Café Vendôme got started thanks to Score support. I was a 2 years project. It is a new concept based on authenticity, elegance, and French Saveur. 401k and own saving fully funded. After 10 weeks of business, the business steady and appreciated by surrounding neighborhoods, French life style lovers, and many Americans and international customers.

My successes. 

Score played an important role in Café Vendôme initial success (11 weeks after opening day). Atlanta Media are writing good articles about our food and atmosphere. "Nextddoor " neighborhood blog is always praising the authentic French pastry and bread (baguette) and our good “Counter Culture Coffee” brand. The French consulate is a frequent catering customer, private and public schools come to enjoy Café Vendôme during lunch and breakfast. French class students come to our lab for a genuine French bakery experience with our Pastry chef. Many international and American customers are happy during their visits; they enjoy our delicious pastries and French light dishes. Many good views in Yelp, Facebook and other social media are spontaneously shared on Internet. The owner Hamid leveraged all his international experience from 4 countries , his love of French Saveur and life style, dedication and perfection, community mindset, along with his passion for authenticity, integrity, and ethics. Today’s challenge is Human Resources and our continuous effort to find good dedicated customer oriented employees.

How SCORE helped. 

Score provided a great support to lunch Café Vendôme, an Authentic French Bakery Pastry Café in Atlanta (North of Buckhead/Sandy Springs). Jeff Dykes, a wise experienced SCORE volunteer, was a great support during the life cycle of the project. He was very patient, thoughtful, and valuable during the partnership negotiations (long and hard), and during the financial forecast build out, and business model development. Jeff was resourceful and reassuring during many special moments where I need outside the box ideas, new negotiation strategy, some wisdom, or a whistle blower, or motivator and supporter. Now Jeff is a good customer and friend I value very much. Thank you SCORE and Thank you Jeff

What's great about my mentor? 

My mentor Jeff Dykes is a wise experienced man, he was a valuable support during the entire life cycle of Café Vendôme project. Jeff was dedicated, available, patient, good listener, thoughtful, and friendly during many project phases such as 2 partnership negotiations (tough, long and painful), and during the financial forecast build out, business model development, competition analysis and lease contract negotiation. Jeff was resourceful and reassuring during many special moments where I needed outside the box ideas, new negotiation strategy, wisdom, a whistle blower, a wise motivator and a supporter. Thank you very much dear Jeff ! you remain a great asset for me and for the community.

Cafe Vendome