Amy and Mathew Kroezen met and fell in love in a ballroom dance studio. Ten years and two children later, with student debt finally behind them, the two founded one of their own. Looking for a new adventure and more family-friendly working hours for Mat, the two founded The Ballroom Institute, where they offer private instruction, group lessons, and parties for adults who want to experience the joy of dance.  

The Ballroom Institute offers everything from foxtrot to salsa, allowing people to become confident social dancers at parties, weddings and clubs.

My successes. 

The Kroezens went from a business plan on paper to successfully opening their doors with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in November 2017 that was written up in the local paper, The Dallas New Era.

How SCORE helped. 

The Kroezens met with SCORE mentor Jeff Dykes. Amy says, “We not only needed guidance, we needed reassurance – and we got that with Jeff!” Dykes helped the Kroezens focus and clean up their business plan and answered financial questions. Amy says seeking out a SCORE mentor is one of the best decisions a small business owner can make. “I don’t think we could have had the courage to put the ball in motion if we did not have Jeff behind us,” she says.

The Ballroom Institute