NorthMetro Atlanta Chapter


We provide free and confidential business mentoring to entrepreneurs with a business idea and to
Small & Medium Businesses that could benefit from advice, provided by one of our seasoned volunteer mentors.


You have access to our successful executives, professionals and subject matter experts who have
“walked the path of starting and running” a small business.  


In 2018, we helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners with advice and ongoing
mentoring from offices in
Roswell, Alpharetta and Dunwoody.


Everyday we provide expert advice and ongoing mentoring to companies in Service, Retail, Restaurant,
Non-Profits and Technology Companies; to name a few
 and work together to help you successfully overcome challenges such as:

Marketing and Sales Growth  |  Cash Management
Financing a Business – Small Business Loans and Grants
Accounting, Bookkeeping and Taxes
Patents and Trademarks  |  Operations
E-Commerce  |  Management  |  Non-Profit


No matter how small or how seemingly insurmountable your challenges may be, we guarantee to bring fresh perspectives, new insights, viable solutions and actionable business
plans with our free “
right way to success” services.  The next success story could be yours.


Our free mentoring services include:


Business Plans
E-Commerce and Social Media Marketing
Small Business Marketing Plans  |  Business Templates
Tax Issues  |  Legal  |  Human Resources
Online Small Business Training
Workshops And Seminars (Discounted Fees)  |  Coaching
Planning for Success



Meet the Team


Bruce Alterman

Dr. Ramesh Barasia

Vijay Bhandari

I can help you with Restaurant & Food Service questions

I can help you with Business Finance & Accounting questions

I can help you with Franchising questions



Richard Burns

Mario de Castro

Lewis Carlyn

I can help you with Business Startup questions

I can help you with Retailing questions and I’m fluent in Spanish

I can help you to be Successful



Scott Feld

Marc Froemelt

Bob Goldstein

I can help avoid mistakes

I can help you with Technology questions

I can help you with Sales & Retail questions



Fred Leamer

Frank Roedl

Judith Ross

I can help you understand it takes homework & perseverance to start a business.

I can help you with Business Finance & Accounting questions

I can help you with Business Planning questions




Don Tyner

Roger Vernier

Rick Wemmers

I can help you with Marketing & Financial questions

I can help you with Non-Profit  questions

I can help you with Professional Service questions







Lane Wolbe



I can help you with Sales questions