Should my Small Business Spend Money on Advertising? July 20, 2022, 10:00am EDT July 20, 2022, 12:00pm EDT

Should my Small Business Spend Money on Advertising?

Can my small business afford advertising?

Can I afford not to advertise?

What can I do to ensure that advertising is going to be effective in the marketplace?

This Live Online Workshop will teach you how advertising can attract customers, increase sales and demand, and promote the benefits of your products and services.

You will learn about the principles of using advertising for a business:

  • why you should seriously consider running ads
  • why social media advertising is great
  • key elements of a successful ad
  • where to run your ads
  • different advertising strategies

FEE: $20

About our Instructor

B. Zachary Bennett, the principal behind Reformation Productions, a full service marketing agency located in Gwinnett county, comes with a 20+ year career in marketing and advertising, working to grow major companies like Bank of America, The Limited, Vectren Corporation, TruGreen-ChemLawn, Dick's Sporting Goods, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Campbell's Foods, Gwinnett Medical Center, Victoria’s Secret, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Home Depot, BP, and more.

Since starting his own boutique agency and providing his marketing expertise and skills to Reformation Productions’ clients, he has dedicated his time and efforts to the pursuit of helping educate business professionals on the ways that the marketing process has been perfected by Fortune 500 companies, bringing his experience to local and regional companies in ways that they can afford. As a speaker, he provides lectures and interactive workshops throughout the South.

Reformation Productions is dedicated to helping companies market their businesses in the most effective and efficient ways possible with a process used by Fortune 500 companies called Straight Line Marketing. Find out more about the agency at

Should my Small Business Spend Money on Advertising?