Forecasting Your Company Revenue - Ideas to Help May 25, 2022, 10:00am EDT May 25, 2022, 12:00pm EDT

In this Live Online Workshop, you'll not only learn the importance of financial forecasting but how to use facts rather than guesswork in creating your business plans. You will be instructed in:

  • the most popular forecasting tricks and techniques
  • ones that work for product and service businesses
  • and best of all, you don’t have to be a Math whiz to understand them

In this workshop we will NOT:

  • use sophisticated statistical models! Yaaaay!!
  • learn the latest textbook theories. Yaaaay!!
  • leave you scratching your head saying, “Whaaaat?"

Instead, you will receive:

  • real-world examples and actually develop two forecasts
  • four different forecasting templates - pick the one that works for you
  • a review of free, and nearly free, resources to aid in building your forecast
  • a set of Next Steps, and how SCORE can help

Testimonials from previous attendees:

  • Walking through the live examples of forecasts and how they are assembled made a huge difference for me. Very practical advice - which I appreciated.
  • Great overview of the forecasting process. (The instructor) has the knowledge, his presentation was easy to follow, and straight to the point.
  • Giving real examples of where the data can come from and how it is put to use.

FEE $20

About our Instructor

Tim Loden - Score Mentor in three areas, Marketing, Advertising, and Creative Services. Tim has spent nearly four decades working for global companies mainly in B2B marketing, sales team leadership, country management, global brand management, and new business development. He has led teams as small as four and as many as eighty.

Forecasting Your Company Revenue - Ideas to Help