Building An Effective Social Media Strategy August 10, 2022, 10:00am EDT August 10, 2022, 12:00pm EDT

Building An Effective Social Media Strategy

The top three challenges that social media marketers face include reaching your audience, measuring how investing in Social Media is increasing your sales, and reaching business goals. . Social media is a multipurpose business asset. It connects you with your audience, and it also promotes your products, services, and brand. Both functions are equally important.

Crafting a social media strategy can help tackle these challenges and more. Social media strategies also equip you to set goals and guardrails, track their performance, and tweak your benchmarks over time. Without a starting point, you can't measure what's working and how to shift your activity to hit your goals. Join us for this workshop to learn how to turn your Social Media presence into a business asset.

What to expect from this workshop?

·        An understanding of why your business needs a social media presence!

·        Choose social media marketing goals that align to business objectives

·        Understanding your audience

·        Getting to know your competition

·        Conducting a social media audit

·        Setting up the correct social media platforms for your business

·        Developing an effective social content

·        Ways to extend your social reach

·        Developing a content creation calendar

·        How to track your results to know if it is working or not.

·        And much more information you can use immediately in your business.

FEE $20 

Your speaker for the workshop is Mark Treager, Chief Evangelist Officer at Cornerstone Media Group, Inc in Atlanta, GA. For over 35+ years Mark has been labeled as a maverick right from the start of his professional sales and marketing career because he refuses to except the marketing status quo. His simple, logical, diverse and down to earth approach to video marketing will challenge your thinking WAY beyond the box in creating generational customers for your brand. His candor when it comes to video marketing will challenge you to create the content that creates generational customers. Contact Mark Treager at 404.425.9573 or by email for more details on making your next event a big success!

Building An Effective Social Media Strategy