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Answering e-mail on tablet

How to Create More Effective Email Sign-Offs

January 5, 2018,

If your email inbox looks like mine, you’re bombarded with generic email after generic email every day. I get it — it’s hard to make emails sent by the hundreds or thousands feel personalized. Nonetheless, nobody wants to feel like a number.

people working on laptops and tablets

Best Tech Practices for 2018

January 2, 2018,

Staying current with small business technology is getting harder all the time, as tech seems to be in a state of continuous evolution. Your small business cannot grow unless your technology is up-to-date. What technologies are small business owners using this year? How do you stack up?

target market

Can Online Focus Groups Help Increase Sales?

December 27, 2017,

Strangers to online focus groups sometimes assume they’re inferior to their in-person counterparts. The very nature of business today debunks this myth. Most interactions already happen through email or other text-based media, which convey ideas and emotions just as well as in-person conversations.

local marketing keyboard button

Google My Business: Optimize Your Listing

December 20, 2017,

One way to increase your odds of ranking higher on Google is by claiming and optimizing your free Google My Business (GMB) online business listing. Google gives qualifying local businesses a FREE online listing that local businesses can claim and verify.

digital marketing on tablet

Why Small Businesses Need to Embrace Digital Marketing in 2018

December 19, 2017,

Marketing is the lifeblood of every small business, and it’s a facet of your business you need to continuously stay on top of. What worked for you in 2017 will not necessarily get the same results in 2018.

website content design on chalkboard

Yes, Your Small Business Needs a Website

December 12, 2017,

A website is an essential tool for any (and every) small business—and is a necessary part of your marketing plans.

feedback speech bubble

The Art of Sharing Customer Feedback for Better Marketing and Sales Alignment

December 7, 2017,

Here are some ways feedback can be shared to bring about this sales and marketing (read: Smarketing) transformation that is so badly needed in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

twitter birds chatting speech bubbles

Is Twitter Valuable for a Small Business Owner?

November 29, 2017,

Here are practical action steps for small business owners on why and how to use Twitter.

vegetables farmers' market

SCORE Chapter Feeds Growth of Local Farmers’ Market

November 16, 2017,

In 2016, the Youngstown, Ohio chapter received a $5,000 grant through SCORE’s national office to promote the area Farmers’ Market.

woman listening

Why Marketers Need to Be Good Listeners

November 15, 2017,

With the knowledge learned from that listening, you can craft better messages, deliver better services and attract better customers.

referee blowing penalty whistle

How to Protect Your Small Business Website Against Google Penalties

November 6, 2017,

Google’s goal is to provide the most accurate and relevant information and ads for any given search query. Anything that compromises accuracy or relevancy is a threat to Google’s image